Carbide Inserts

Carbide inserts, also known as cemented carbide inserts, are cutting tools crafted from a combination of tungsten carbide and cobalt. This composition imparts outstanding hardness and resistance to wear and heat, making carbide inserts an ideal choice for demanding machining tasks. The exceptional durability of carbide inserts ensures they maintain their edge and cutting efficiency for an extended period.


Types of Carbide Inserts

Turning Inserts:

Ideal for lathes and turning operations, these inserts excel in creating precise and smooth surfaces on workpieces

Milling Inserts:

Suited for milling machines, these inserts facilitate the removal of material with great precision, making them versatile tools for various industries

Threading Inserts:

Designed for threading and tapping operations, these inserts ensure accurate and consistent thread profiles, reducing the risk of part failure.

Grooving and Parting Inserts:

Perfect for separating workpieces or creating grooves, these inserts enhance the efficiency of these processes

Carbide Grades Description

Machining is an extremely difficult process that definitely starts from selecting the right tool. For example, carbide inserts come in a variety of grades, each finely tuned to tackle specific materials and applications. Refer to the table below to learn the specific carbide grades by WENZA that can transform your machining operations for precision and efficiency.

Standard GradesApplication
Ferrum SpeedThis grade features a medium-grained carbide substrate, complemented by an intelligently designed chipbreaker and cutting edge, ensuring exceptional chip-breaking performance, even with ductile steels. The multi-layer CVD coating, comprising TiN/MT TiCN/Al2O3/TiN, enhances durability during high-speed machining. The remarkable thermal stability of this coating enables efficient machining at cutting speeds ranging from 180 to 450 meters per minute. This insert is purpose-built for machining the ISO P group, suitable for both semi-finishing and roughing operations.
Ferrum BaseThis grade boasts a robust CVD coating enriched with a thick layer of TiCN and Al2O3, which substantially elevates wear resistance and enhances toughness. It stands as the first choice for general machining of the ISO P group.
Chromium BaseThis grade adopts the reliable PVD Coating method with enhancements in coating thickness and coating bond strength. It is the first choice for machining stainless steel and mild steel, making it suitable for both turning and milling.
When it comes to the general processing of diverse stainless steel materials, it offers improved wear resistance and enhanced processing efficiency. Moreover, it maintains a moderate production cost and boasts an impressive 95% finished product output rate.
Chromium AdvanceThis grade offers an optimized blend of TiAlN coating and a micro-grain carbide substrate featuring a high Co content, resulting in exceptional adhesion resistance and toughness. It is well-suited for semi-finishing stainless steels and threading general materials
Carbo BaseFeaturing a CVD coating and a high-abrasive substrate adorned with a substantial TiCN and Al2O3 coating, this grade stands as the first choice for general machining of cast iron.
Carbo AdvanceThis grade features a medium-coarse substrate, combined with a thick TiCN layer and textured Al2O3 coating. Following a specialized post-coating treatment, it exhibits exceptional wear resistance. It is ideal for high-speed semi-finishing machining of cast iron under stable working conditions.
Standard GradesApplication
Chromium GenericWith PVD coating and multi-layer NC-TiAlN coating, this grade boasts a unique coating technology that enhances the bond between coating and substrate, ensuring exceptional durability. It is the first choice for precision machining of stainless steel.
Chromium Generic PMore durable grade designed especially for positive inserts. Featuring both PVD coating and a multi-layer NC-TiAlN coating, this grade showcases an exclusive coating technology that results in exceptional durability. It stands out as the first choice for achieving precise machining of stainless steel.
Сhromium GroovingThis grade features a PVD coating, incorporating TiALSIN multi-coating technology, complemented by a distinctive post-treatment process. It is the preferred option for parting and grooving inserts, setting a new standard in performance and reliability.
Aluminium BaseThis grade is renowned for its precision, achieved through ultra-fine matrix that matches with CNC peripheral grinding, ensuring consistently sharp and reliable inserts. The surface polishing process further enhances its capability to efficiently chip evacuation. It is the first choice for machining aluminum, offering unmatched performance and precision.
Blizzard BaseThis grade is known for its exceptional performance, featuring a PVD coating paired with Nc-TiALN Coating. Its remarkable coating hardness and high-temperature resistance offer superior protection to cutting edges. It is the first choice for milling inserts that suits for both turning and milling applications. When it comes to general milling of various steel and stainless steel materials, it exhibits enhanced wear resistance and machining efficiency. Additionally, it maintains a reasonable production cost while achieving an impressive finished product output rate of 95%.
Blizzard AdvanceThis is a PVD-coated Nc-TiAlN grade, especially designed for exceptional performance with stainless steels and special alloys. It demonstrates remarkable resilience in high-temperature environments, ensuring maximum durability even at elevated speeds. This is the first choice for milling inserts and machining of stainless steels.

Availability in Shapes and Sizes for Carbide Inserts

Carbide inserts come in various shapes and sizes to suit different machining operations and applications. Whether it's turning, milling, or grooving, there's a carbide insert that fits your needs. Refer to the tables below to learn the shapes and sizes of carbide inserts available at WENZA.

Choosing the right carbide insert requires a thoughtful evaluation of your machining needs, including material compatibility, operation type, cutting conditions, and surface finish requirements. With the appropriate selection, carbide inserts can significantly improve machining efficiency, tool life, and the quality of your finished products. Let us help you with this choice. Fill in the form and our specialists will contact you shorty!

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