Boosted Bearing Cap Machining with CBN Inserts

Achieve Superior Results: CBN Inserts for Grey Cast Iron Machining

In the realm of mechanical engineering, where precision and durability are paramount, the role of bearing caps cannot be overstated. These components are crucial for the proper functioning and longevity of the machinery, as they reduce wear and tear on moving parts. The bearing cap keeps the bearing in position and prevents it from moving or misaligning during operation. Such parts are often made of durable and hard materials, like cast iron, that stand as a great challenge for precise machining. That’s why to solve such tasks we offer our customers CBN cutting inserts.

For this particular case we have chosen rhombic CBN inserts: CNMA120408S1020N-B035-RB1C. Engineered specifically for finishing operations on hard materials, our CBN grade RB1 coupled with a durable coating ensures exceptional performance and longevity. Let’s break it down with a real example: machining a main shaft bearing cap made of grey cast iron, hardness НВ 180. Using our CNMA120408S1020N-B035-RB1C inserts on turning, internal, finishing operation, we’ve achieved remarkable results.

Under the following cutting conditions:

– Cutting Speed: 560 m/min

– Feed: 0.1 mm/rev

– Depth of Cut: 0.3 mm

– Utilizing coolant supply

The outcome speaks for itself: a 10-times increase in tool durability and nearly 5-times faster cutting speed. That means way less time spent machining parts and a huge jump in performance – all for the benefit of our values customers.

Feeling inspired to achieve similar results in your machining projects?

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