CBN Inserts

Cubic boron nitride inserts, often referred to as CBN inserts, are engineered cutting tools renowned for their extraordinary hardness, second only to diamonds. Composed of boron and nitrogen atoms in a crystal lattice structure, CBN inserts exhibit exceptional wear resistance, making it essential for machining hardened steels, all types of cast iron, as well as a number of heat-resistant and sintered materials and exotic hard-to-machine alloys.


Key Advantages of Using CBN Inserts

1. Precision and Accuracy

CBN inserts excel in delivering precision and accuracy, ensuring the final product meets the tightest tolerances and specifications.

2. Extended Tool Life

Thanks to their exceptional durability, CBN inserts last significantly longer than traditional carbide inserts, resulting in reduced tool replacement costs.

3. Improved Surface Finish

CBN inserts produce a superior surface finish, reducing the need for secondary operations and enhancing the end-product quality.

4. Enhanced Productivity

The combination of precision, durability, and speed makes CBN inserts a powerful tool for boosting overall productivity in machining operations.

CBN Grades Description

When it comes to precision machining, each CBN insert is manufactured differently. The primary distinction lies in the grades. As a cutting tool manufacturer, WENZA offers a diverse range of CBN grades, each designed for specific materials and applications. Refer to the table below for more information.

Standard GradesApplication
• *-T iAlN coating
• Microhardness, GPa 32-36
• CBN Content, % – 80…82
• Grain Size, nm – 300
For high speed machining of cast irons. The universal grade can be used for semi-finishing and roughing of hard materials, hardened steels. Suitable both for heavy interrupted machining with large depth of cut and continuous semi-finishing turning.
• * -TiAlN coating
• Microhardness, GPa – 29
• CBN Content, % – 63…65
• Grain Size, nm – 300
For machining of hardened steels (HRC 55-63) in continuous and interrupted semi-finishing and finishing at medium cutting speeds. Possible to machine both with coolant supply and without.
• * - TiAlN coating
• Microhardness, GPa – 25
• CBN Content, % – 43…45
• Grain Size, nm – 100
For high speed machining of hardened steels (HRC 58-63) in continuous and interrupted semi-finishing and finishing. Possible to machine both with coolant supply and without.
• * - TiAlN coating
• Microhardness, GPa – 32
• CBN Content, % – 50
• Grain Size, nm – 300
For medium and low speed machining of hardened steels (HRC 48-60) in continuous finishing. Possible to machine both with coolant supply and without.
• * - TiAlN coating
• Microhardness, GPa – 27
• CBN Content, % – 50
• Grain Size, nm – 200
For machining of hardened steels (HRC 58-65) in continuous and slightly interrupted finishing. Possible to machine both with coolant and without.

Cutting Edge Designs

We are WENZA can provide customized CBN inserts, tailored to your unique machining requirements, ensuring optimal performance. For example, Wiper geometry inserts can be manufactured as per request.

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Availability in Shapes and Sizes for CBN Inserts

PCD inserts by WENZA are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to select the most suitable tool for your specific application. The choice of shape and size depends on the specific cutting task and the type of machinery being used. Refer to the tables below to learn the shapes and sizes of CBN inserts available at WENZA.

Depth of Cut for Brazed Inserts


Depth of Cut for Solid Inserts


Selecting the right CBN insert is crucial for achieving the desired results in your machining operations. Factors such as material, cutting speed, and surface finish requirements all play a role in determining the best tool for your needs. Whether you're working with softer materials or tackling the toughest hardened steels, there's a CBN insert engineered to meet your specific requirements.
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