Roll Turning Industry

Roll turning, also known as roll machining or cylindrical grinding, involves the precision shaping and finishing of cylindrical workpieces, commonly referred to as rolls. Rolls are indispensable in various industries, including metal forming, automotive, steel and aluminium and more. The quality and accuracy of rolls directly impact the uniformity and quality of end products, making the roll turning industry a keystone of manufacturing.
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Ready-Made Solutions for Roll Turning

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Finishing operation

CBN insert
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Roughing operation

Ceramic insert

We know that there are cases when it is difficult to find the right combination of inserts and tooling from a wide range of cutting tools to solve the tasks of the production site in the best possible way. For this purpose, we have created a convenient form, by filling in which you will provide our specialists with thorough information about the workpiece machining at the production site.

The data will be promptly processed by our engineers and we will be able to find the most effective solution for you. The more detailed you describe the process, the faster we will prepare a proposal.

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